Fresh ideas, fresh approach, fresh beer.

Fresh Beer Club wants you to experience the delicious taste of true, authentic beer. We only brew real ales that are natural, living and unprocessed. This allows the beer to mature and develop unique tastes and aromas whilst in the bottle. We let nature do the hard work.



About Fresh Beer Club

Beer is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the World and yet the vast majority of it is industrially produced, characterless and bland. Beer has so much more to offer. It deserves some respect and you deserve to experience the real thing.

Fresh Beer Club provides you the opportunity to experience real beer. The complexity, the variety, the pleasure. Our beers benefit from being unfiltered and unpasturised. NO additives and NO preservatives.

Fresh Beer Club started as a personal challenge to achieve something that was creative, practical, scientific and resulted in something that gives pleasure to those that experience it. Brewing offers all of these things, and more.

Leaving his native England 10 years ago has brought with it many positive experiences for Edward. However, finding a good, honest pint of ale beyond the British Isles has been a constant challenge - until now.


“Fresh Beer Club uses only the best ingredients”



The Beers